Still summer

We are still mostly on vacation but we are continuing the development but not as actively. Like we wrote last time we compiled a list of tasks that has to be finished in order for us to release the project so that’s what we are working on :-D

Apart from that we are also working on some mandatory IT-stuff, like deciding what forum/SCM/VPS provider to use etc.

5 comments on “Still summer

  • i’m looking at the battery and i’ve seen a post whether here or somewhere would it be possible to power the battery with an induction coil + pad? without the extra bulk of the similar phone cases the coil and chip are fairly meager however the ability to be flying then have it land at a charging station would be quite impressive. however i don’t know how you charge your battery and if the coil would meet these requirements and either not charge the battery or burn it out. anyway saw this idea and thought it would be cool for someone to do. can’t wait for the kit i might give it a try when i get one :)

    • Inductive/wireless charging would definitely be possible to do and shouldn’t be to hard. As long as the inductive charger can leave 5v and the coil isn’t to heavy I see no problem implementing it. E.g. this chip from TI could be used Something we will definitely be looking at in the future.

    • I really hope the battery is removable! It would be tragic to have to stop using the quadcopter to wait for the battery to charge!

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