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We have noticed that there’s a lot more work to be done in this project than only designing hardware and developing software :-) It’s now about 14 months ago that we decided to make a Crazyflie kit that we would try to sell. At that point we had already had the first version of the Crazyflie flying for about 1 year. The list of things that we have done since then is pretty long…a lot longer that we first thought it would be. But let’s save that list for another post…

One of the things that we’ve had to spend some time on is setting up our IT environment and now we are trying to make the final push. Up until now we have been using Mercurial/Redmine hosted on our own VPS. Here’s a list of what we are thinking about using in the future:

  • CM for code and schematics: Bitbucket
  • Issue handling: Bitbucket
  • Wiki: Dokuwiki
  • Forum: phpBB
  • Blog: WordPress :-D

Any thoughts or ideas about these? Any services that’s missing? Anyone that has good/bad experience with Bitbucket?

4 comments on “Community/IT structure

  • Hi,guys,i love the Crazyfile you made,is this fully open source?(include code and schematics or PCB files)

  • I agree with Thom, using git and having the code and schematic hosted on github is very desirable.

    I would vote for that too. :)

    I tried many other VCS and code hosting sites and although Mercurial is nice github is definitely the best code hasting site I know. :)

    Cheers Esden

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the suggestion. We already looked and bit at GitHub and Git and indeed GitHub looks very nice but so far not enough to make us change VCS.
    We are going to look a bit more at GitHub, is there any functionality/service that GitHub has and that none of the Mercurial hosting service have as well?


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