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If you have been reading our previous blog post you know that we redesigned the Crazyflie to use the MPU6050 instead of the IDG500-ISZ500-BMA145 combo. This was done because the IDG500 became obsolete, recently we found out it was because Invensens had production problems with this sensor, anyway when redesigning we managed to squeeze in a HMC5883l magnetometer and a MS5611 pressure sensor.  Now when we are getting close to actually making some kits we have to take some decisions and one of them is if we should build the Crazyflies with the HMC5883l magnetometer and the MS5611 pressure sensor mounted. This will of course increase the price which we have estimated to be about $20. Currently we do not use neither the magnetometer nor the pressure sensor. The yaw drift is so low that when you pilot the Crazyflie it isn’t noticeable and therefore we do not use the magnetometer. The pressure sensor we have just tested briefly and we do not really know how well it would work. Altitude hold might not be so useful inside but maybe outside.

Because of this little decision whether to mount the magnetometer and pressure sensor or not we would like to make a poll so please give us your thoughts.



Should we mount the pressure sensor and the magnetometer?

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12 comments on “Sensor poll

  • Is it possible to make it optionally? If someone want cheap crazyflie, we just leave solder pads without chip.

    • Having to version is a bit much of a risk and a bit much to handle. It would be easier to do it the other way around so if one wants the pressure sensor and magnetometer it could be manually added later. We will not remove the footprints, but it requires some pretty good soldering skills and tools.

  • I think that it’s better to have choice. Proposed solution is neat – with little practice smd isn’t very hard to solder at home :)

  • if the crazyfly would be one of those quadcopters which are used by proffessional film teams and such i would vote yes – but since its mainly a toy without the ability to carry a big camera i don’t realy see much advantage of having a magnetometer and presure sensor.
    However the ability to mount them yourself is quite attractive.. at least for all the freaks out there :P

  • I have to say it’s my option at least havering the option to solder, or best case a optional shield or break out with SMD components already soldered, Pressure and Magnetometer would be one of the major advancements that sets the Crazyflie from the many other simple micro quads already out or about to hit the market. Just my 2 cents! Either way, I will have one for sure!!! Keep up the great work guys!

  • i like the idea of the sensors but with such a small quad how often would they be used by someone just flying them around as a toy. however if you have the option for them to be soldered on later by those people that would use them more often i think that would be a great idea :) i know that when i buy one i probably wouldn’t use them for quite a while but down the road it might be a great idea to look into.

  • If you include the HMC5883l, be sure to make the layout compatible with the HMC5983. The 5983 will replace the 5883 in the near future.

    • That is just for the added sensors. The pressure sensor is pretty pricey.

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