Presentation from Øredev

The last week we have been busy preparing for the presentation we had at the Øredev conference where we talked about the Crazyflie history and design. We had a great time and got to meet some fellow nerds and talk about technology stuff!

All the presentations and keynotes where filmed and can be found on the  Øredev site. So if you have 50 minutes to spare check out our presentation. Or just skip ahead until ~41:00 to see Arnaud stick a Crazyflie in Marcus’ hair…

As for project there’s not much news. We are still waiting eagerly for the pre-series units that will arrive in a couple of weeks.

2 comments on “Presentation from Øredev

  • Hey guys, awesome work on the drones! How much does it cost to ship one over to Singapore once it’s done?

    • The Crazyfie will be sold through Seeedstudio. You should be able to look up the shipping rates on their website.

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