Wiki is now published

Since the very beginning of the project we have been maintaining a wiki. At first mostly for internal communication and documentation but more recently we have been focusing on making an easily accessible documentation for the Crazyflie kit.

We now think the wiki is good enough to be released. It is still a “work in progress” but most of the basics are there and it will be updated as we go along. On the wiki we plan to have all information regarding the Crazyflie and other projects. We also intend to complement the wiki with a forum which will be the next step.

The wiki is located at and can also be accessed via the wiki link in the navigation bar.

4 comments on “Wiki is now published

  • Random ideas with Crazyflie.
    a) Mount the Crazyflie platform on the bottom of a helium ballon and make long indoor flights possible with the new zeppelin. Cool controlled zeppelin manouvers should get possible with all the sensors. e.g.: a zeppelin that flies loopings or rolls.

    b) Making a small ultra fast car, every motor gets one rubber wheel without gears. Small fast cars tend to flip over very fast, but with the gyro it should be possible to staballize the car. probably even during jumps, by using the wheel momentum. But remains questionable.
    This would mean that the car would always land on the wheels after a jump.

    c) Big Quadrokopter, where the small one is used as the controller,where you just snap in the Crazyflie. Reading out a standard RC-Receiver would be needded. The PWM outputs should work fine (with software change) with some standard fast brushless controllers.

    d) Use the Crazyflie itself as a Flight controller for the Crazyflie.

  • Great ideas! We should open a section in the wiki for ideas such as this! I would say a, c are feasible and not to hard to do. B would probably work but would take time. D would work butI don’t see the point :-).

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