End of the pre-order

So after three very busy weeks the pre-order will close today. We are really overwhelmed by the attention that the project hs gotten and number of Crazyflie kits that we have sold. We are also very excited about already getting feedback in the forum and by mail about new mods and features. If you have technical questions or suggestions post them over in the forum so we can answer them there and everyone can see the responses.

Currently we are finalizing the sourcing and test-plans for the production which will start very soon. We are also (as always) working on updating the wiki and answering questions in the forum. We added two new pages to the wiki: One about the Crazyflie Pyhthon API and one about how to contribute to our projects.

The upcoming weeks we will be busy with a lot of administrative stuff so don’t be worried if you don’t see any commits in the repos or new hacks, we haven’t stopped the development :-)

14 comments on “End of the pre-order

    • Hi Sam,

      Yes, at some point after the pre-orders has shipped it will be available in the Seeedstudio web-shop but we can’t guarantee any date for this.

    • Hi Roman,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any units to spare, we just have the ones we are using for development. When the Crazyflie is back in stock at Seeedstudio you will be able to order it there.

  • Hello, how many kits did you get a order of and how many orders do you need to be available to sell them a bit cheaper? Got a load of multirotors myself, so I had to control myself to not buy your kit (need to have some money for cloths and spare parts hehe).

    If you guys can you are more then welcome to show of your quad at the indoorflying this weekend :) It’s in malmö, Baltiska hallen you can see times etc here: http://www.mrfs.se/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=59&Itemid=62

    Maybe I will see you there! :)

    • Hi Chrille,

      Thanks for the tip about indoor flying! We can’t make it this weekend but we will try to go there for the next one (10/3). So we just show up and pay at the door? No registration or anything like that?

      As for the price we will probably not go lower. When we first started thinking about what price we should put on the Crazyflie we were aiming at a higher price. To be able to sell it at a lower price we were aiming at higher quantities, but it’s hard to estimate how many people will buy something if you don’t know the final price. Finally we decided to lower the price anyway without knowing how many we would sell.

      • Cool will see you there then! :)Yes you can just show up and pay no need to be a member at least the first times. Do you guys know how much weight the quad can carry without losing preformance?

  • Hi guys.
    Is it possible to pre-order one more device somehow for development purposes? Missed pre-order ending date but would like to have very much, so I’m very upset now:(

  • Omg, just missed the preorder timeframe by two days, that really sucks…

    Make more units damnit! :)

    Går inte att beställa utan att gå genom utlandet?

    • There will be more units available shortly after all the pre-orders have shipped. Make sure to subscribe to a the product notification at Seeedstudio.

      Tyvärr går det bara att beställa via Seeedstudio. Vi har inga resurser att sköta sådant här i Sverige.

      • I’ve already subscribed :) Timeframe estimate until i may place an order? May?

        Seeedstudio will do, just asking!

    • Hi Sam,

      More units will be available at Seeedstudio at some point after the pre-orders have been shipped, but we can’t promise any date.

  • just a seggestion:
    since most of this kit will be use as a drone how about making a camera kit that can be mounted on the PCB.

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