Bitcraze VM and OSX client

As announced on the last Monday post and as well discussed on the forum, one of the things we are working on right now is to create a virtual machine (VM) that would greatly reduce the haste of getting the running/development environment up and running. The VM will be a Linux system that can run on Windows, Linux or Mac and that will be pre-configured to work with Crazyradio and Crazyflie. We are going to post the first alpha of this virtual machine during the week using Bittorrent so if you are interested to test it stay tuned to the forum!

As for the production of the Crazyflie’s things are running according to schedule, so far so good!

Also from the VM discussion we discovered that Mike has done a great job getting the Crazyflie client to work on Mac OSX. This is going to greatly help supporting Crazyflie on OSX.

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