Debugging enhancement

Nothing new exiting about the production, it is still going as planned :-). Meanwhile we are focusing on stabilizing the Crazyflie firmware and its side projects.

This weekend we fixed a bug related to the memory allocation, which we have had a while now and that we never had time to track down. It kind of forced us to use heavier machinery so we decided to setup eclipse for debugging FreeRTOS threads and it happened to be very useful.

Since version 0.5 OpenOCD contains a rtos-awarness mode for FreeRTOS and, when painfully configured in eclipse, this allows us to observe the stack trace and the running state of all the tasks running on Crazyflie:


This helped us to track-down the bug much quicker and will greatly help us in the future. We also found a eclipse plugin, embsysregview, that enables one to show and analyse the peripheral register values, great little plugin!

The virtual machine will be updated with the debug environment and we will try to update the Wiki with the setup procedure.

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