First production samples has arrived!

We just received the first 10 sample boards from the production at Seeedstudio :-D


So far we got time to test only two boards and they are working. We have finalized the firmware, bootloader and production scripts so now it has really started :-)

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  • Also waiting in anticipation. I’ve been practicing with Traxxas’s QR-1, which was good because I smashed a couple up before I started getting better. :) Don’t want to crash the first soldier in my Crazyflie army!! (coming soon, right?)

    On a separate note for prepping, I found that trying to get the Crazyfli PC GUI working on a Windows machine to be a royal pain in the butt. Each library seemed to have a list of dependencies, and each one of those required some special installer or compiler or something annoying. I found myself installing stuff and I had no idea what it was. After putting myself through that for a couple of hours I installed Ubuntu, fired it up, ran the sudo get-apt command on the wiki and bada-bing, it worked!

    I’m not sure why we’d need a whole Bitcraze VM… though a Windows one might be nice. Otherwise I don’t see why everything – including the radio, client, etc. – can’t be bundled up into an RPM and put into a yum repo. yum install crazyflie!!! :)

    • We are currently working on using the standard python distribution system ( with the PC client. This should permit to easily generate windows installer and Linux packages (I know that a archlinux package would be piece of cake to make for example). This is definitely something that will come before thee copters are shipped and “yum install crazyflie” would be very cool indeed :-) . The virtual machine is more intended as a quick development tool than as a client, even if it can be used as such.

      As for the shipment date, unless problems (so far so good) the first batch is still schedule to ship end of April.

    • Well, you have a good eye for details! We where not meaning to release anything yet as it is not certain, but we are working on a moulded motor mount which should be a bit cheaper and better which means we can ship some spares with the kit as well. The motor mounts on the picture is a mockup of a design we tried that turned out to be to fragile to mould but we didn’t have any other motor mounts to test the boards with. As I said, nothing is certain yet and we will go out with more details when we know more certain.

  • I keep throwing my money at the laptop screen but nothing happens. So p’ed off I missed the pre-order window while on holiday.

    • They will, if everything continue to go well, be delivered according to plan which depends on the batch you got. Have a look at the pre-order page at Seeedstudio.

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