It’s like an avalanche…

Development is starting to accelerate and we are really having a hard time catching up on pull-requests and forum activity.  It’s like an avalanche, once it is started, it is impossible to stop :-).  We are also doing our best on the support side and we want to send out a big thank you to all the users that help out with all the support as well. Just to name a few: foosel, alex, skube, TheFrog4u, DesTinY, atimicdog, etc. The list will be too long to list all but you know who you are, many thanks!

We will soon be releasing a new cf-client that will close some bugs and especially the OSX bug which could make your Crazyflie go full throttle if the controller is accidentally disconnected during flight.

Our to do list is currently huge but this is a subset of what’s on the list right now.

  • Implementing GUI in the cf-client  for updating the Crazyradio.
  • Updating the wiki and especially the trouble shooting page.
  • Fixing bugs
  • Implementing brushless controller driver.
  • Support
  • Accepting pull-requests
  • Administration
  • Cleaning up in the forum
  • Planing JavaForum presentation
  • Crazyradio PPM input

As you can imagine we have our free time pretty much planned out :-).

7 comments on “It’s like an avalanche…

  • Busy bees right here! Keep up the great work. You guys have brought us all so many hours of fun. Thanks Bitcraze team!!!

  • This is so cool!

    Hey why is brushless controller so high up? Feels like the crazyflie we have right now should have the attention :)

    Maybe some 10-DOF love with pressure and magnetic ;)

    • Hi Pär,

      Not to worry, we haven’t forgotten about the extra sensors :-) The list is in no particular order and the PWM is a test that Tobias did to attach the Crazyflie to a bigger quad (which looks very cool).

      Most of our time right now is going to documentation/support, planning the next batch and fixing bugs/accepting pull-requests.


      • Sounds good Marcus!

        I love the idea of a bigger quad so just go for it ;)

        My GoPro would like to fly…

  • i think a in depth howto calibrate the crazyflie and its propellers would be very interesting/important, as mine is just flying anywhere when just controlling the altitude. absolutely uncontrollable…

  • Hey guys for PPM is it going to take direct input without the comp or will it need to be wired in to both the pc and controller? kinda wanna hook the crazyflie up to my 8FG Super lol.

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