Next batch in production

It’s been another busy week at Bitcraze. Unfortunately we are lagging a bit behind on pull-requests and such, but we are doing our best to catch up. Also development taking place in the forum has accelerated and we will try to summarize some of it next week.

The planning for the next batch is finished and it’s now going into production. Expected to be ready in the end of June. For this batch we have modified the motor-mounts to add some space at the bottom and also increased the size of the “stopper” at the bottom of the mount to keep the motor from popping out.

From now, as been requested, we will also start offer the parts of the kit separately: The Crazyflie 6/10-DOF, the Crazyradio and the antenna. Aside from this we will still be offering the previous kits and all the spare parts.

A new source version of the Crazyflie PC client has been uploaded to the Bitbucket page. Since this new version mostly fixes critical bugs related to mac, there’s no new version for the Windows installer.

For the next version of the windows installer we are looking at packaging and installing Crazyradio driver with the client. We are also looking at making Ubuntu packages accessible in a PPA as well as Fedora/OpenSuse packages. This would simplify the Client installation on Linux. ArchLinux already have a package in AUR  courtesy of Gergely Imreh.

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