Bitcraze VM 0.3

There’s an updated version of the Bitcraze virtual machine out. The VM has all the pre-requisites for using the Crazyflie/Crazyradio and also the full development environment for our projects. Here’s a list of the improvements from version 0.2:

  • Upgraded version to of Xubuntu to 13.04
  • Improved README and instructions inside VM
  • Updated to the latest version of repositories
  • Added script for updating all the project repositories
  • Added pre-configured JTAG debugging for Eclipse using BusBlaster
  • Added KiCad and the Crazyradio design files

More information on the Bitcraze VM can be found here and it can be downloaded from this link. If you don’t want to download our virtual machine but instead make your own then have a look at this guide on the wiki.  It details how to get Xubuntu running in VirtualBox with all the pre-requisites for the development environment.

We have finished cleaning up the Crazyradio design files and they are now added to a Bitbucket repo. The project includes a cache file with all the components from our library that we have used. Once we are finished with cleaning up the component library it will also be uploaded.

2 comments on “Bitcraze VM 0.3

  • unfortunately the VM doesn’t seem to be available via megaupload at the moment. Any thoughts as to when it will be available again?

    Every time I try to pull the file, I receive the following error:
    “Temporarily unavailable”


    • Hi,

      Unfortunately the download from Mega is limited to 6 simultaneous downloads at a time. Instead you could try the torrent to download it.


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