Motor mount improvement

Thanks to some of the motor mount feedback we have now managed to improve the motor mount a bit. It now has a longer extruded cylinder and a larger stop to prevent the motor form popping out when landing hard. This should add a bit more protection but it is still a good idea to do one of the mods described in the wiki for even better protection, especially when expecting to do some hard crashes.

Motor mount v2

Motor mount v2

The improved motor mounts will be available in the next batch of kits, which is still scheduled to be ready in the end of June, and also as a separate spare part item. For the next batch the Crazyflie kit without the Crazyradio and antenna will also be available for ordering.

On another note we are planning on modifying our webpage a bit. We feel that when new people visit our webpage they get no overview of our projects. So we are planning a nicer landing page with some images and more general information. We will of course keep the blog and also keep updating it at least every Monday. Aside from this we are also planning on integrating the forum and wiki with the blog and also have the same theme. After doing a quick test with the forum we are pretty sure our green/black theme will look good, but we aren’t that convinced about the wiki…. Let’s see where we end up. If you have any suggestions or comments about the webpage and our plans then  don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Lastly we have also installed TapaTalk on our forum. So if you use the TapaTalk app you can find our forum in the directory by searching for Bitcraze.

2 comments on “Motor mount improvement

  • An improvement would also be, to block the PCB from bumping into the motor, if the crazyflie crash-lands sideways on a motor.

    I destroyed one motor that way. It has a slight bump exactly where the PCB and the motor meets. It isnt fully blocked, but it made a strange sound and also got hot very fast.

    Now i have put a bit of hotglue into all four mounts. But I am already better at landing – so I cant validate, if this helps :)

    • Thanks for your feedback! We know of this problem but it was not possible to adjust the mould in a simple way to fix that, but we will try other solutions. Until then some hot glue as you mentioned should help.

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