Summer time

So finally it’s getting warm and sunny outside (even in Sweden…) and it’s time to go out side and enjoy it while it’s lasts! This doesn’t only include flying the Crazyflie but also spending some time with our families and going on vacation. We have tried to plan everything so at least one of us is available to answer questions that might come up, accept pull-requests etc, but still it might take a bit more time than usual. And of course there will still be the Monday post!

If you happen to have some spare time during the summer and want a challenge, then have a look at the Crazyflie box… Have a great summer everyone!

7 comments on “Summer time

  • Assuming it’s an 8 bit binary sequence, it probably represents one of these numbers, though it’s hard to tell exactly which one. It’s probably a date, but I think Europeans might write their dates differently. :)

    11110010 – 242
    11100101 – 229
    11001011 – 203
    10010111 – 151
    00101111 – 47
    01011110 – 94
    10111100 – 188
    01111001 – 121

  • Maybe you started reading the binary sequence at the wrong position ? Also tried my luck a few minutes, but without success. Mainly because I´m not 100% sure where the binary sequence starts, as you could also start reading it with the half caracters in the propeller…

  • I’m happy to see you have started to make use of the photos I took for you guys! Now take some well deserved time off during the summer.

  • Let’s assume, that it is someh ow the repetition of 10111100,
    which stands for hexadecimal 0xbc or Bitcraze as seen
    in the upper left corner of this webpage. :-)

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