New server: so long and thanks for all the fish

The Crazyflie project started as a competence project in a Swedish consulting company called Epsilon (now called ÅF). The first blog, Daedalus projects, was the competence-group blog. When crazyflie became more than yet another competence project we created our own website but Epsilon/ÅF graciously allowed us to still use the same server. We thank Epsilon/ÅF for the support but we thought it was time to be independent.

Since this week-end all the Bicraze public services run on our own server, the wiki and blog where the last pieces to move. There should be no noticeable difference except than we seems to have slightly more power now. We also are able to ramp up the server power in minutes if we ever get on Slashdot ;-).

Tell us if you see any problem or if the website suddenly became slow. Next step will be to improve the website front-page to make it more informative.

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