Community development

This Monday post we are devoting to the community development and we will try to give a short summary of what is going on there. We recently haven’t our selves had that much time to help out with this development, something we intend to change, so all credit goes to the community!

  • A port of the OpenPilot CC3D firmware to the Crazyflie done by webbn. Still under development but video already shows promising results.
  • Altitude hold functionality which is being developed in parallel by many, omwdunkley, phiamo, et. al. We hope we soon can contribute to this as well.
  • Improved thrust control which is being discussed a lot and hopefully we will soon see some ideas realized.
  • A Ruby cfclient written by hsanjuan.
  • The Android client with a lot of work from derf and sebastian.
  • The FPV implementation driven mainly by omwdunkley and SuperRoach. Omwdunkley has made an awesome HUD (Heads Up Display) which we hopefully sometime will see integrated into the cfclient. Check out the video!
We have probably forgotten some of the great development that has been going on recently and if that is the case please write a comment about it and we will update the post with it.

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