Stock is getting low

Our products at the Seeedstudio Bazaar are almost out of stock. Currently there are still some 10-DOF bundles in the Seeedstudio US warehouse, but the 6-DOF is old out. Below is the estimations for when things are back in stock. If you are eager to get any of the products that are out of stock, then you can always check with our distributors. If the bundles go out of stock it is also possible to buy the 10-DOF kit and Crazyradio separately.

  • 10/6-DOF bundles and kits will be restocked mid November
  • Spare motors will be back in stock mid October

The new motors have a little neat update, the top bearing is concealed inside the motor housing. This will make it much more crash resistant from forces to the top since there is no bearing to depress. The small downside is that it might be little bit more difficult to remove hard sitting propellers.

Bitcraze bazzar stock

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