Updates to the website

As you can see the webpage looks a bit different this Monday. For a long time we have had the feeling that new users coming to our webpage don’t get an overview of what we do and what the Crazyflie is. So we decided to put in a front page that is intended to introduce Bitcraze and the Crazyflie to new visitors. Since we feel that our blog is an important part of what we do we also added the last blog post to the bottom of the front page. If you are looking for the full blog it’s moved here, also there’s a link in the top menu.

We have also gotten the comment that there’s no information on the actual website, it’s all on the wiki. So we have added some new pages with a bit more descriptions of the development environment and the products. We will keep adding more and more information as we go. There’s still lots of work to do for the page and to enhance the website design, but we decided on doing it incrementally :-)

The nice new photos (in the slider and other images) are courtesy of our friend Johan Jeppsson, thanks!

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