Last week was mostly spent preparing for, and travelling to Devoxx. It’s always great to get out a bit and meet other nerds, discuss technology and do some flying. Devoxx is a Java conference so we didn’t think that many people would be interested in hearing about quads and low-level embedded. But we were really happy to see that lots of people showed up for the presentation.

Presenting is fun, but the most fun part is always hanging around before and after. Meeting people, discussing and flying. This time we also got a chance to do some hacking with the team from MYO. Hopefully we will get our hands on a developer unit early next year :-)

The Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter kits, bundles and spare parts are now back in stock at Seeedstudio, but we are still waiting for the Crazyradio to be re-stocked. Our products are selling quicker than we expected, so if you want one for Christmas don’t wait too long to place the order.

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Here’s some video of the FPV flying demo taken from someone in the audience.

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