Holiday contest results

We hope everyone had a great holiday! We are really happy that some of you decided to join our holiday challenge. After looking though all of the submissions we finally decided on a result.

First of all there was the mechanical challenge of creating a hull or cover for the Crazyflie. When finding the winner we looked at features such as wight, design and manufacturing. After a long discussion we decided on Gottfried Dungl’s submission, the Crazysheild, that you can see below. Even though it might be tricky to manufacture/3D-print, it’s lighter than the other submissions while still being durable as he showed by crash simulations.

Crazyshield submitted by Gottfried.

Crazyshield submitted by Gottfried.


Secondly there was the free-fall detection and recovery. For this challenge we only got one submission and it’s from Oliver Dunkley. That doesn’t matter since his solution works really well and has great potential. The implementation is done in the Crazyflie client, where both free-fall detection and recovery is done. There’s lots more information about this solution which we will post on the wiki or forum during the week. You can have a look at the code here.


Great job and big thanks to everyone that participated! Gottfried and Oliver will receive a Crazyflie 10-DOF kit and we have also decided to reward all others that participated with a little gift so check you email ;).


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