New firmware/software release candidate

A while back we had a poll about when and how we should release new firmware and software. Since this we are aiming at at least doing a release every 7- 8 weeks of firmware/software that has been updated. So last week we branched and build release candidates of the firmware and the pc client. We will keep the RC until the end of the week or until we think it’s stable enough. During that time we will fix any serious bugs that come up. So if you are up for it download/flash it and give it a try. If you find any issues, don’t hesitate to let us know on the issue tracker (client / Crazyflie firmware).

Here are the files:

Some of the new features include:

  • Client: Playstation 4 controller configuration
  • Client: Improved plotting functionality (using PyQtGraph)
  • Client: Improved logging functionality (UI and logging to file)
  • Client: Added credits tab for Crazyflie PC client
  • Client: Updated API for logging and crazyflie
  • Client: Application icon added
  • Client: Fixed bug that prevented using Crazyradio/pyusb if the software “gopro studio” was installed
  • Client: Various bugfixes
  • Firmware: A couple of new default log variables (acceleration, magnetometer)
  • Firmware: Fix of the pitch/roll/yaw calculation: it is now correct all around roll.

We are also working on a Mac OSX release of the client using py2app. It’s not something that we have done before, but hopefully it will be ready by the next planned release (before 2014.03).

Last week we had a poll about moving to GitHub. For once there was a clear message from a poll, Move to GitHub! So after this release we will make the move. We will move things over gradually and in the move we will most likely make some structural changes as well, like splitting up the PC client and API into different repositories.

The last couple of weeks we have tried to become a bit more active on twitter (@bitcraze_se) and we will keep writing about smaller and bigger things that’s happening at Bitcraze. So if you are interested in keeping up to date this is a good source of info.

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  • “The last couple of weeks we have tried to become a bit more active on twitter (@bitcraze_se) and we will keep writing about smaller and bigger things that’s happening at Bitcraze. So if you are interested in keeping up to date this is a good source of info.”

    Twitter (proprietary) sucks. I did subscribe to the RSS newsfeed (open standard) of this blog and I hope you’ll still be writing the important information here.

    Or go on and have a poll so all twitter fanboys and -girls can vote as all github fanboys and -girls voted for github in the last poll. (Did you even read the comments?)

    Why follow the crowd?

    An now go on and play with twitter ;)

    • Our blog is, and will continue to be, our main channel for information. Our thought with Twitter is to share smaller pieces of information. It’s not always that something is important enough to do a blog post about, but still we want to share the info somewhere. One example of this is the GPS hack. While hacking around with the GPS we posted updates and images on Twitter. But then when we got it working we did a write-up and posted it on the blog.

      Why follow the crowd? We want people to be able to take part in our projects and be informed about what’s going on. If that means a move to GitHub or writing updates on Twitter, then we feel that it’s worth the effort. That being said, we won’t follow the crowd if we feel that it doesn’t go in line with what be believe in and want to do.

      And yes, I did read the comments and reply. Now I’m off the check twitter ;-)

      • Hi Marcus – I don’t know if you saw my post but, I am trying to figure out what to do to get CrazyRadio to work and how to connect CrazyFlie to my PC over USB. CfClient doesn’t detect the radio or the USB connection to the CrazyFlie. Any direction would be appreciated.

  • Hi,
    is the issue with Crazyradio Driver and GoPro Studio Software (use of both Tools on one Computer) also fixed?

    If not yet, is this planed?

    BR from the alps,

    • Hi Klaus,

      Yes this is fixed as well, I just forgot to put it in the changelog :-).


  • I wanted to say Good Work on the latest client and firmware release! The plotting improvements specifically are great, and it looks like the CRTP sniffer tool is working better than it was before.

    Thanks for your effort.

  • Hi –

    I am unable to get the Crazyradio to work. I have the driver installed on my Windows 7 PC (32 bit) and when I plug it in I get the tone on the computer indicating that it has recognized the radio dongle and I can see the Crazyradio USB Dongle device driver under the Universal Serial bus devices. When I double click it I get the dialog box saying “This device is working properly.” The location is Port_#0001.Hub_#0004

    When I open up the Cfclient 2014.1.0 and go to the About Debug screen it says:
    Cfclient version: 2014.01.0
    System: Win32

    Interface status
    serial: none
    radio: Cannot find a CrazyradioDongle
    udp: None

    Connected: None
    Firmware: None
    Sensors found
    Sensor tests

    What can I do to get Crazyflie and Crazyradio to work?


    • Hi Sid,

      If you try to initialize the bootloader by going into the “Crazyflie” menu, selecting “Bootloader” and then pressing “Initialize cold boot”, do you get any message in the status field?

      Could we move this discussion over to the forums instead?

      Best regards,

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