Bitcraze VM 0.5 and Raspberry Pi image 0.3 released

We have released version 0.5 of the Bitcraze Virtual Machine and version 0.3 of the Raspberry Pi image.

Here are some of the changes for Bitcraze VM 0.5:

  • Upgraded all Ubuntu Packages
  • Installed custom build of KDE Marble with Python bindings
  • Installed PyQtGraph
  • Installed Oracle Java JRE (needed for PyCharm)
  • Installed PyCharm Community Edition 3.1
  • Installed KiCad from repo (using build script, but excluding documentation) to add support for all of our projects in their new format
  • Installed EmbSys RegViewer plugin for Eclipse
  • Replace old BitBucket repos with new GitHub repos and updated the “Update all repos” script
  • Decreased image size (Even with all the new stuff this new version is smaller than the previous)

The full Bitcraze VM 0.5 changelog is available here and the files are available as direct download or as torrent.

Here are some of the changes for the Raspberry Pi image 0.3:

  • Moved configuration files in the fat partition: It is now possible to configure radio link and inputdevice mapping easily from windows/linux/mac. See crazyflie folder.
  • Upgraded all packages
  • Replace old BitBucket repos with new GitHub repos and updated to the latest versions
  • Updated the README.txt with information on how to flash the Crazyflie/Crazyradio from the Raspberry Pi
  • Image size increased from 2GB to 4GB

The full Raspberry Pi image 0.3 changelog is available here and the files is available as direct download or as torrent.


4 comments on “Bitcraze VM 0.5 and Raspberry Pi image 0.3 released

  • We changed he server configuration and that unintentionally disabled the downloads, but they are back up now.

  • Getting VirtualBox import error with Bitcraze_VM_0.5.ova (direct download)
    Running Fedora 20 with VirtualBox 4.3.6 r91406.

    Failed to import appliance /home/hxm/Downloads/Bitcraze_VM_0.5.ova.
    Could not create the clone medium ‘/VirtualMachines/VirtualBox/Bitcraze VM 0.5/Bitcraze VM 0.5-disk1.vmdk’.
    VMDK: Compressed image is corrupted ‘/home/hxm/Bitcraze VM 0.5-disk1.vmdk’ (VERR_ZIP_CORRUPTED).

    Verified error with tar.

    Is there a checksum I can use to verify the download? I looked but did not see one.


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