Logging and parameter frameworks tutorial continued

A while ago we posted a tutorial on how to modify the firmware to add logging/parameters and to plot/modify them from the client. We have done a continuation on this tutorial to show how to modify the client to integrate logging and parameters directly into the UI (like we have done on the flight tab). For the tutorial we use our virtual machine to do the development and running the code. Since we continue on the concepts and design made in the first video, it might be a good idea to see that one first.


2 comments on “Logging and parameter frameworks tutorial continued

  • Great tutorial. I’m having a lot of trouble resolving the specific chars typed, and am new to the VM so I’m having to start/stop the video and get out my magnifying glass… Would source files for this example be available so I can read along better?


    • Unfortunately I don’t think we have this source code, but we will make sure to keep the code for future tutorials. It might be on my old computer at the office, so I’ll have a look after the holidays.

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