Some crowdfunding campaigns

We are always looking for fun things to hack together using the Crazyflie. The last couple of weeks we contributed to two exciting open hardware campaigns on Indiegogo that we are hoping to get our hands on soon.

The VoCore

First up is the VoCore, a coin-sized SoC breakout with WiFi running Linux. Based on the RT5350, it could be used for WiFi control (with AP support) or to add extra power for doing calculations.

The second one is the 3Dpad, an open source gesture controller. We have been using the Leap Motion for flying before, and we are really eager to try the concept but with an open source project. Even tough the 3Dpad doesn’t support the same hand/finger tracking as the Leap Motion, we are hoping that we can hack together a usable controller for the Crazyflie. It uses capacitive technology that makes it possible to place it behind materials that are not transparent. Imagine placing it under the desk and flying with your hand above the desk!

Best of luck to the projects with financing and development!

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