Crazyflie 2.0: Building a buzzer deck

While digging around in our office looking for a board we found a piezo buzzer we bought a while back. The reason for buying it was to test some buzzer functionality to the Crazyflie 2.0, but we forgot about it. But now that we found it again we got to work :-) We documented the build in our hacks section on the wiki, but here’s a quick run down.

  • Get a piezo buzzer and a Crazyflie 2.0 prototype deck
  • Solder it to the RX2/TX2 pins (pinout)
  • Clone and build custom firmware (dev-buzzer branch)
  • Play around with the parameters in the buzzer group
    • Set buzzer.effect for different effects
    • Set buzzer.melody for different melodies (with buzzer.effect = 2)

If you want to add new melodies or effects, have a look in the modules/src/buzzer.c file :-)

Here’s a Vine with the result (enabling sound is a good idea :-) )

On a side note Seeedstudio will start shipping out the CCW propeller replacements this week. If you still haven’t filled in the replacement form it’s not too late, here’s the form.

3 comments on “Crazyflie 2.0: Building a buzzer deck

  • How about replacing also those spare propellers I bought with the first maxy order at seeedstudio? If they have prouven to be defective, I assume this is valid for any purchase. Non only for those who came in as included in the crazyflie box…
    Thank you,


    • Hi Antonio! As there was no simple way to check this and that the propellers weren’t really defective (rather not up to our expected quality) we couldn’t go so far. We will however send out 10 CCW propellers in each package so it should cover those who got spare ones as well. I hope you feel this is a satisfying solution.

  • Great stuff, love these demos, very helpful for people like me to learn from! Look forward to seeing more

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