Maker Faire Bay Area – Demos preview

So we did it again, forgot to post our Monday post on Monday. Are we getting sloppy or maybe it was the 16 hour travel to US that put us off track, well we need to shape up anyway! :) This Tuesday we have been visiting the USC robotics labs, more about that will come on a later post. Thanks Wolfgang for organising our visit and everybody for showing us around.

So now it is all about Maker Faire Bay Area for us. We have been putting in a lot of time to get the demos working and now we are getting really close. The autonomous control with Kinect 2 is starting to work but we must say, tuning the position PID controllers has turned out to be hard but we have some basic hovering working.

We have also been working on some LED-ring and buzzer control from the PC side. That is working really well and it is all setup using 0MQ to the cfclient. We are now able to play MIDI over the Crazyradio to the Crazyflie: MIDI -> 0MQ -> cfclient -> Crazyradio -> Crazyflie -> buzzer & LED-ring.

As soon as  we are back from Maker Faire we will make all the code available (because now it is in the quick and dirty stage)!

So once again, we would love to meet up so please come and visit ut as at our booth at the Maker Faire Bay Area!

Maker Faire Bay Area 2015

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