cfclient 2015.08 released

A new version of the Crazyflie PC Python client has been released, version 2015.08. It’s been a while since the last release of the client so there’s a long list of changes, including lots of fixed bugs. The main new features are:

  • Student/Teacher mode:  It’s possible to use two input devices, where one can take over control from the other. This can be used for teaching or for working with a computer auto-pilot (doc)
  • Control the LED-ring from the Flight Tab:  Now it’s possible to turn on/off the headlights directly with a click and to select the LED-ring effect from a drop-down (doc)
  • New LED-tab to set custom patterns and intensity: Enables the user to individually set the color of each LED as well as the intensity of the LED-ring
  • ZMQ access to LED-ring memory and parameters: Write patterns for the LED-ring or set/get parameter values from an external application using JSON and ZMQ (doc)
  • ZMQ input device: Simulate a joystick by sending axis values in JSON via ZMQ. This can be used to implement a computer auto-pilot using for instance the Kinect (doc)
  • Switched from PyGame to PySDL2 on Mac OSX/Windows and native input device on Linux
  • WiiMote support

The next step after the release is to shape up the code a bit, so we’ve started using Travis for building and continuous integration. The long term goal is to run Flake8 and unit-tests on the code, but we still have a bit to go. The way we’re working towards this is by slowly enabling more and more checking in Travis, fixing one type of errors at a time.


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