Maker faires, conference and first Bitcraze meetup in Berlin

This year we decided to save some time and split up for the last two Maker Faires. So last weekend Tobias and Christopher went to the Maker Faire in New York. They had a great but hectic time. More about it in a next post.

Meanwhile me and Marcus are going to Maker Faire Berlin next week end, from 2015-10-03 to 04. We will be standing in the Seeedstudio booth showing the Crazyflie. We’re also planning on having our first ‘meetup’ since we are sure to have at least Fred, the main Crazyflie Android client maintainer :-). We have created a forum thread to discuss it. If you are in Berlin next weekend and want to meetup and talk to us and other Crazyflie enthusiasts drop a line in the forum. The meetup will be somewhere in Berlin so do not hesitate to join even if you do not attend the Maker Faire. We will announce the exact time and place on the forum, it will certainly be on Saturday the 3rd.


On an other subject, Wolfgang, from USC, is having a talk at the IROS conference. He is going to present his research on Mixed Reality, where one of the platforms he’s using is the Crazyflie 2.0. We have visited Wolfgang’s lab and University before the Maker Faire Bay Area and we where really impressed, they are doing great research. Here’s the info on the talk:

Event: International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Congress Center Hamburg, Germany
Talk: “Mixed Reality for Robotics,” October 1, 12:20 – 12:35
Room: Saal A4
Abstract: link

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