Local positioning system measurements

Last Thursday we went to LTH (University of Lund), to the Robotics department, to make some measurements on the ultra wide band (UWB) positioning system we are working on. The idea was to use one of their robots to move a Crazyflie around along well known path, and at the same time record as much sensor data as possible. This would give us data that we can crunch offline.

We placed four anchors around the robot and our positioning expansion deck on the Crazyflie. The Crazyflie collected the data from the positioning deck as well as its internal sensors and streamed the data it over USB to an external computer for storage. We collected the following data:

  • Distance to the anchors (raw measurements)
  • Air pressure at the anchors
  • Air pressure at the Crazyflie
  • Accelerometers
  • Gyros

The logs from the robot will give us the real position of the Crazyflie as well as the anchors, and from that we will be able to evaluate the performance of algorithms that use the sensors to figure out the position.

The dataset will be shared with the researchers at Lunds university, they have some interesting ideas they want to try out.

Next step is to crunch the data…

For more information on our UWB positioning project, see Firmware and dwm 1000 nodes

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