The dashing dashboard

We have a dashboard (aka radiator) based on dashing in the office.


The purpose of the dashboard is to drive the team focus and encourage us to work on the most important tasks at hand. For instance, we realized that we have been really bad at merging pull requests from the community (sorry about that!), and we wanted to improve. Our solution has been to add a widget to the dashboard that shows all pending pull requests, and now we have been handling pull requests much faster. Success! The visibility of data changed the behavior of the team.

Another problem that has emerged in the new office, is that the 3D printer is now in the basement. We used to have it in the office so monitoring the progress was easy, but now it is two flights of stairs away. We use a Raspberry Pi with the awesome OctoPrint as print server (through the OctoPi image) and since it supports integrated video, we installed a webcam over the printer and viola! Now we can see the progress in OctoPrint.


Why not add it to the dashboard? Due to how our network is organised, the dashboard pulls in the data from the printer on client side as opposed to server side, but problem solved. The code is on github.


46 minutes left on the 3D-print. No pull requests to handle!

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