Community request

Greetings all community members!

This week we have a couple of requests that we hope you can help out with. First of all we would love to hear about all the cool projects you are using the Crazyflie for out there. We have wanted to collect this for a long time and now we have found Go to and add your favourite project. Also make sure to follow us at, if you don’t have an account already it’s quick to create one, our hope is to use to create a new way for our community to grow.


Secondly we are curious of how the Crazyflie is used in education. If you are using it as a teacher or as a student, we would be very happy if you send us an email to and describe how you use it and any other feedback you have.

Last week we finished the manufacturing of the first alpha builds of our new positioning system. A few systems have been shipped to selected users for initial trials but we still have a few left, so if you are interested in trying one out, drop us an email at and describe what you would use it for.

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