Loco positioning early access

Like we announced last week we will be releasing the Loco Positioning system in a couple of weeks. Last week, we added product pages for the Loco Positioning boards on our website. We have also made a new short video explaining a bit on how it works with a demo:

Early access means that we have tested the hardware and are pretty confident it performs well. Though the software is still in a beta stage and requires some more love and will be evolving a lot over time. Right now we made sure that the ranging is working and we have some software, based on ROS, to fly the Crazyflie autonomously. We will make sure to document carefully the steps so that you can get started with the system quickly. We see two big functionalities that will be worked-on first: making the system able to control much more Crazyflies at once (right now the software is designed to handle only one Crazyflie), and moving positioning and controller into the Crazyflie which has the potential to enhance the flight performance a lot. More on that later.

If you want to receive information as the system evolves, sign up to our mailing list (we have added everyone that mailed us last week ;-). If you want to talk to us directly do not hesitate to comment or send us a mail at locopositioning@bitcraze.io.

2 comments on “Loco positioning early access

  • Keep in mind other possible applications !
    And one of the first is real positionning and path tracking for a lawn mower !

    • Hi Yann,
      No worry we are not forgetting about other applications :-). For 2 way ranging the node can be used as a tag. Otherwise we are thinking of making a tag with an IMU. But we had to start somewhere, and the Crazyflie is a natural first step.

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