Visiting 34C3 and other conferences

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting 34C3, the Chaos Communication Congress, with Fred. The trip was not ‘official’ business for Bitcraze but more of a personal interest, the Congress is a great place to be and I hope to be able to go next year. While there, we found out that Foosel was there too, she is the developer and maintainer of the Octoprint project (Our 3D printer would be much less useful without Octoprint …). It was awesome to finally meet her in real life, she has been in the Crazyflie comunity since the beginning and we have never been able to meet even though we did a couple of maker faire in Germany.

Meeting the community in person is always awesome, this is one of the best part of going to conferences.

At the end of the month we will be at FOSDEM in Belgium, Fred will be there too, he is planning to demo Crazyflie at the Eclipse booth. If anyone else is coming please let us know, we can improvise a Crazyflie meetup there.

Later in the year, in good Bitcraze style, we have not planned anything yet. Last year we went to ICRA which was a very good experience and we might be leaning for IROS this year. Let us know if there is any conference at which you would like to meet us and we will consider going.

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