E-store and battery shipping update

After a couple of chaotic months of warehouse and logistics issues we’re now almost back on track! As noted before we’re now shipping orders from our E-store directly from our office in Sweden and we’ve now restocked all the products (except for old CF1 spare parts which are coming).

One of the few issues we have left to solve is with shipping orders containing batteries to Canada, India and Australia. Unfortunately we’ve had lots of issues so we’ve temporarily had to block orders containing batteries to these countries. So during checkout if you have products containing batteries and the shipping country is one of the above, you will not get any shipping quotes and will therefore be unable to check out. Orders without batteries, like LPS products will pass the checkout just fine. We have found a solution for this and we’re working on implementing it, so bare with us it should soon be fixed!

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash

One comment on “E-store and battery shipping update

  • While I don’t wish logistics/business challenges on you, I do enjoy reading these blog posts. We all take it for granted that we can hop on a website and click ‘buy’. It’s interesting to read about all the difficulties, challenges, and work that goes on behind the scenes to get product across the globe. Thanks for sharing!

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