The active marker deck for MoCap systems

As part of our collaboration with Qualisys we are helping them developing an active marker deck for their motion capture cameras. One of the major benefits with an active marker deck is that it can have an ID, thus it is much easier to track each Crazyflie in e.g. a swarm. Another benefit is an increased range compared to passive markers thanks to high power emitting IR LEDs.

Active marker deck mounted on a Crazyflie

We are currently only in the prototype stage but we have already managed to do initial fight tests so hopefully we can release it within a couple of months.

We will bring some prototypes to ICRA 2019, come and visit us and Qualisys to check the deck out.

2 comments on “The active marker deck for MoCap systems

  • This seems amazing and I’d really like to upgrade my drone setup with Optitrack.
    Is the deck configured yet for Optitrack? Would really be useful to gather the drone ids like it does in Qualisys.

    • The IDs only work with a Qualisys system. It is possible to configure the LEDs to be always on though, and this can be used with other brands but it will not provide unique configurations per copter.

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