Communication improvements

Many of our users are flying larger and larger swarms and we’ve been getting some feedback that there’s communication issues when connecting to many Crazyflies. So during the last weeks we’ve been looking at this. Among the things we’re doing is building a test rig where we can automate the communication testing (last weeks blog post). We’ve also fixed a few communication issues listed below.

One of the issues causing problems is dropping packages coming in to the Crazyflie. If the flow of packages was too high to one CRTP port these would start dropping. This has now been fixed by increasing the length of the queues for each port. (GitHub issue)

Another issues has been logging data piling up after disconnect. The detection for the radio disconnection was boken so logging data would continue to be generated and pushed into the communication stack. This has now been fixed so logging will be reset which should clear up he congestion on the next connect. (GitHub issue)

Lastly we also fixed the USB communication issue with dropped packages and crashing when the USB was disconnected. (GitHub issue)

We’ve already noticed a few other issues when using the rig so there should be more fixes coming soon. In the meantime test out the new firmware and let us know if there’s still issues.

2 comments on “Communication improvements

  • Hi. Thanks for the update. I updated my CF2.1 firmware and the Python-Libraries 30 minutes ago. I am still facing exact the same problems as described in this blog post. Did you already pushed the mentioned changes to the current master-branch? Thanks.

    • From what I know (those who really know is on vacation) the fixes should be in the master branches. So possibly it is something else… We will have to investigate.

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