New release is out, 2019.09

We are happy to announce that we have made new official releases of a number of our software components. The name of the release is 2019.09 and we have outlined the main changes below.

Crazyflie/Roadrunner firmware

  • Added support for the Crazyflie Bolt
  • Improved support for external positioning systems
  • Basic support for the Lighthouse positioning system
  • Added support for the Active marker deck
  • Improved debug support
  • Improved uSD card logging functionality
  • Bug fixes

For more details, please see crazyflie-release, crazyflie-firmware and crazyflie2-nrf-firmware.

Download the release package that you can flash with the client from crazyflie-release.

Python client and library

  • Basic Lighthouse support
  • More examples
  • Bug fixes

For more details, please see crazyflie-lib-python and crazyflie-clients-python. Note: the version of the crazyflie-lib-python is 0.1.8.

The Windows build of the python client has unfortunately been delayed but will be available soon.

LPS Node firmware

  • Improved menus
  • Bug fixes

For more details and download, please see lps-node-firmware

Kimberly and Arnaud is at IMAV in Madrid this week. Drop by the booth and check out the demo.

4 comments on “New release is out, 2019.09

  • Woohoo! Keep up the great work!
    Just to confirm, lighthouse deck is still only compatible with V1 lighthouses, correct?
    If you need testers for V2 lighthouses, please reach out to me

    • Thanks! Yes, the lighthouse deck is unfortunately still only compatible with V1 base stations. We will keep you in mind when there is something to test for V2 :-)

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