Bitcraze’s summer

It’s summer here in Sweden, which means a lot of sun, heat, and… well, right now, rain, but hopefully things will get better.

Credits: Silvia Man/

As every year, we try to enjoy it as much as possible. That means that some of us are taking off for well-deserved vacations. During the coming month, Bitcraze will be run by a skeleton crew of people.

That means that the office will get slower too. Now, keep in mind that in a company made by only 6 persons, 3 people going on holidays is taking half the workforce – so the remaining men and women are here to keep things afloat. We will still ship the orders regularly – in a huge part thanks to your new and improved packing system– and answer emails, helping you on Github discussions etc… on a regular basis. But our response time may be slower than usual – and some things will have to be postponed until the right person can get to it. We will, of course, always tell you what’s happening, and keep going with the Monday blogposts.

For us that are in the office, it is also the chance to focus on more personal projects. Often during the summer, when our colleagues are away, we grab the opportunity to develop ideas and projects that we usually don’t prioritize. Last summer, for example, Kimberly dig deeper into ROS2. I myself will try to make some changes to the office itself. We will also try to clean up- not only the office itself, but fixing various bugs that usually don’t get the highest priority. In general, we try to have a clean slate before things start to get back up again.

We hope that you can also enjoy a slower summer and some vacations!

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