Kristoffer’s new adventures

I joined Bitcraze back in 2015 and I have had a fantastic time during my 8 years in the company, but I have decided to move on to new adventures and I will leave Bitcraze after Christmas.

Clinker boat
Clinker boat. From wikipedia, this file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

This summer I visited Karlskrona, an old naval city in Sweden, and happened to pass by a school that teaches traditional wooden boat building. I have done various types of wood work in my spare time before and the idea of learning more about boat building full time got stuck in my head and refused to go away. In January I will start to learn about how to build boats in the Nordic clinker tradition that dates back to before the viking age, this style of boat building is also on the UNESCO intangible heritage list!

Building boats might seem very different from developing small quads, but there is a similarity in learning, evolving skills and explore new areas, even though in a different field. Exploration and learning is very much what I like and have been doing at Bitcraze, in so many fields ranging from the obvious ones related to robotics such as control theory, positioning systems, embedded programming and so on, but also in the many areas related to running a company. After all we are only 6 persons and I have had the opportunity to be involved in everything from sales, marketing, IT, organization, the office, flight lab, production and much more. One field that I have a strong interest in is how to organize a company and I’m especially happy that I have had the possibility to try all sorts of ideas related to self organization at Bitcraze.

I’d like to thank everyone at Bitcraze for an awesome time, we’re almost always moving close to the speed of light, in a relaxed way! I would also like to thank all the interesting people I have met through the years, it is very inspiring to see what you are doing with the Crazyflie and other products, I hope you all continue to do funky stuff!

Happy hacking!

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