SWEDISH SUMMER, 2024 edition

If you know a little about Sweden, you know about Midsommar. Nothing like the 2019 horror film (thankfully), though we do wear flower crowns and dance around the pole. It’s usually an occasion to celebrate with family (and alcohol) those long days and short nights. We actually celebrated a little bit early today with a nice team barbecue.

Midsommar is next Friday, and it marks the official kickoff to summer here in Sweden. That also means that for the coming 2 months, Bitcraze will be operating with a slightly smaller team. So, what does that mean for you? This should not impact you too much, of course, but here are the most important things to note:

  • Developer Meetings: First up, our regular developer meetings will be on hiatus during July and August. It’s a great time for everyone, including you, our regular attendees, to take a breather. We’ll be back in action come September, resuming our usual schedule of one meeting per month.
  • GitHub: With fewer team members around, our response time on GitHub discussions might be a bit slower. We strive to answer every question, but with less manpower, some issues might only get resolved when the person with the right expertise returns from their vacation. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.
  • Orders: Shipping and deliveries should have the same pace, so don’t worry about your order coming on time, we’ve got that covered!

Ongoing projects and maintenance

Our focus during the summer will shift primarily to maintenance and continuing work on ongoing projects. We’re putting the final touches on the Brushless project of course, and will keep working on its charger solution too.

We’re excited to announce our participation in Robotics Developers Day on July 5th. We’re not only sponsors of this event, we’re also thrilled that Kimberly will be hosting a live learning session about ROS 2 on the Crazyflie.

For us at Bitcraze, summer is a wonderful opportunity to slow down a bit and focus on projects we don’t usually have time for. This could mean diving deeper into learning RUST, reorganizing the office, or trying some prototypes out. It’s a chance to reset and prepare for the busy months ahead.

We hope you have a fantastic summer filled with sunshine, relaxation, and lots of new adventures. Glad Midsommar, as we say here!

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