Author: Tove Rumar

Hey folks!
I’m Tove, and I’m thrilled to be part of the fantastic team at Bitcraze.

Bitcraze had me at “open source, self-organizing, and drones!”. The way of working, using modern software practices and the fact that the company isn’t a corporate behemoth but still packs a punch in innovation really spoke to me.

I come from the world of radio modules and Internet of Things (IOT), building software and customer applications at u-blox. u-blox is also where I wrote my thesis that wandered into indoor positioning territory, which is another reason why I was immediately drawn to Bitcraze once they entered my radar. I studied computer science with an emphasis on embedded systems at Malmö University.

When I’m not working with tech, you can find me playing board games, reading fantasy novels or working on silversmithing projects.
I’m also a big fan of being out in nature, especially sailing, and even used to study environmental science before I switched over to ones and zeros.

I’m excited to learn about the great world of drones and robotics. I mean, who has not dreamt about that at some point in their life?! I’m a very poor drone flyer, but I guess some training in that department will help.
I love working with tests and software quality to make sure everyone can feel comfortable and focus on developing new exciting features, while being sure nothing breaks in the process!

Looking forward to getting into the team and making things happen together!