Happy New Year!

So a year ago, on the 3rd of January 2012, we published the first post here on bitcraze.se as we moved from our old site at daedalus.nu. Back then we were fairly confident that we would release the kit during the first half of 2012. But it turned out the be more work (and more problems) than what we thought. Now as the new year begins we are very confident that anyone who wants a Crazyflie will have one in their hand before the first half of 2013 has passed.

Even though we haven’t made much progress the last two weeks it’s now a matter of fixing the details like packaging, what parts should be in the spare kit and so on. We feel that the hardware and the current state of the software is good enough for release when the kit is released (after some cleaning up). There’s still a long list of stuff that we would like to do but don’t really have the time for. So if you get a Crazyflie Kit and want to contribute there’s a lot of fun stuff still left that we need help with.

Next week is our first Monday meeting after the holidays and then it’s full throttle forward.

Happy new year and thanks for supporting us!

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