First FPV flight test

The community interest for FPV flight made us buy a light weight analog FPV kits a while a go. We bought the 5.8GHz micro combo set from fpvhobby to do a first test. It took a little while to solder things together but it wasn’t that bad. We soldered the camera and the transmitter power to the VCOM voltage on the Crazyflie which is available on the expansion port. Then we taped the camera and transmitter to the Crazyflie and did a test flight.  The FPV kit is only about 3 grams which doesn’t affect the flight performances that much.

It was almost too easy, but as soon as we took off we noticed some vertical lines on the TV so maybe it wasn’t that easy. There seems to be some electrical interference, probably from the motors. Also the battery voltage drop generated by fast accelerations cuts the video feed after a couple of minutes of flight. We still think that there are some improvements to be done so hopefully it will work better in the future.

As for the production, so far it is still going forward as planned.

Finally an Alpha version of the virtual machine has been posted on the forum, you are welcome to test and report any problem/suggestion you may have :-).

13 comments on “First FPV flight test

  • Trevligt!
    Beställt nano combo för att ha på min crazyflie.

    I got the nano combo kit to put on my crazyflie…

  • So cool! I’m thinking there could be some amazingly cool stuff done with OpenCV and Kinect SDKs

  • Very Fun! Have been waiting MONTHS! for your toy. Great project!

    IF you have time to monitor these posts.

    What is the easy way to connect a ps3 to my laptop so I’m ready to fly when the crazyflie is here?

  • Super! I just found this project and waiting when ordering will be open again. You guys should definitely consider wifi chip so it could be controllable via mobile phones just like ar drone !

    • Hi Sam,

      Our goal is that the kit should be back in stock at Seeedstudio some time during May and then you can order it from their webshop if you like.

  • Helloe bitcraze folks!

    That’s amazing. Did someone try the new 143 sub-nano Combo set? It’s only 1 gram (instead of 3 grams with the kit in the video).



    • We do not remember what receiver we where using back then but there has been a lot of progress made in the field so FPV received on the market right now will most likely be much better than what we where using.

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