CCW propeller replacement

We have finally managed together with Seeedstudio to improve the CCW propellers and to setup a process to acquire a free set of CCW replacement props. As continuing from this post we have discovered that many of the CCW propellers from the first batch of Crazyflie 2.0 where a bit too unbalanced. Too be a bit more technical the tolerance distribution for the CCW propellers was a bit offset, so instead of the majority being decently balanced, many where unbalanced and needed balancing. This is not really a big issue and can pretty easily be corrected by balancing them with some tape according to this guide and we still recommend them to be balanced to get the best flight performance. We however think there where to many unbalanced propellers so we offer every one that bought a Crazyflie 2.0 kit from the first batch a free set of CCW propellers including shipping from China. To acquire a free set of CCW propellers please fill in this form.

Propeller guy

9 comments on “CCW propeller replacement

  • Thanks Tobias,

    That is quality control and that way we know who is behind the crazyflie
    I am happy playing with it, but before that, I’m learning a lot. I didn’t want to buy a quadcopter just to fly it, it is very interesting to know how it is flying and how I can add to it more devices, fly longer etc.

  • This is an exceptional demonstration of integrity by Bitcraze. A third-party manufacturer has some quality issues with a part and the developers/designers of the product come through with a replacement program. There are a lot of well established companies that could learn from how you guys do business. Kudos and thanks for finding the problem and putting together a replacement program!

  • hello,i have post the form .
    when will you ship the product ? (in one week or one month ? i am from china)
    i hope for your replyment.
    thank you.

    • We will send the list of addresses to Seeedstudio this week, so it will probably start shipping next week.

  • Hi, I just received the propeller replacements.
    Great customer care! There is however one problem : I received 10 identical props. The ones marked ‘A’ are not in the packet.
    Is there something I’m missing?

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