Playing with Crazyflie 2.1 choreography with Lighthouse positioning

We have recently moved to a new bigger office. With the summer arriving in Sweden, it was time to organize a small move-in after-work party with friends and family. For the occasion we wanted to play around with a small swarm of Crazyflies and the new Lighthouse positioning. Time being a sparse resource, we setup the ICRA2019 demo in the flight lab so that we would be able to fly during the party. We also started looking at our old swarm show that we ran with the LPS a year ago to see if we could run it with Lighthouse:

The show was a essentially a sequence of setpoints sent from a python script and controlling 9 Crazyflies 2.1 equipped with Lighthouse deck on the top and led-ring deck on the bottom synchronized on music. We setup the Crazyflie in the Lighthouse positioning system and converted the script to use the high-level-commander GOTO setpoints. We look forward at trying more advance control problems like trajectories to make more impressive synchronized flight choreography in the future but for now it already look quite good even with only GOTOs:

11 comments on “Playing with Crazyflie 2.1 choreography with Lighthouse positioning

  • Hi,
    For this to run, did you guys have to use multiple crazyradios or just 1?
    (The issue where 1 Crazyradio can control only up to 4 CFs)

    • This demo ran with only one Crazyradio from a mac. As far as I know the demo only sends gotos commands and has very limited logging during flight, it might give clues as of where is the limitation. We will continue investigating.

  • Hi guys, this looks really cool. Please could you drop the link to the code for this demo, I would like to try it out. Great job guys!

  • Hello, I’m a undergraduate who is working on my college graduation work using crazyflie. The professor bought crazyflie, so I’m conducting research, but it’s unfriendly for an undergraduate who doesn’t know anything. I’m leaving a question because there’s not much explanation for the swarm flight using lighthouse as I’m aiming for a swarm flight. Is there any document or site to refer to when connecting multiple drones to lighthouse and flying in swarm? Thank you.

    • Hi! You can find the starting point for our documentation in the “documentation” menu, there is not a lot about swarms though. The best place for questions like this is the forum ( where you also can find solutions to problems other users encountered.

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