Sneak peak of the AI-deck

As pointed out in Daniele’s blog post about the PULP-DroNet we are collaborating on a AI-deck built around the new GAP8 RISC-V multi-core MCU. In the blog post you can find all the details around DroNet while here we will talk a bit about the AI-deck hardware. The AI-deck is similar to the PULP-Shield but with some optimizations. One of the HyperFlash memory spots has been removed, the communication interface slimmed down and a ESP32 (NINA module) has been added for WiFi connectivity.

Latest AI-deck prototype

So all together this a pretty good platform to develop low power AI on the edge for a drone.


  • GAP8 – Ultra low power 9 core RISC-V MCU
  • Himax HM01B0 – Ultra low power 320×320 greyscale camera.
  • 512 Mbit HyperFlash and 64 Mbit HyperRAM
  • ESP32 for WiFi and more (NINA-W102)
  • 2 x JTAG for GAP8 and ESP32

Currently we are doing the final testing of the hardware and hopefully we will launch production in the end of October. If production goes according to plan we hope we can offer it as an early access product just before X-mas. Make sure to come back and check the blog for more information about the progress as well as pricing.

10 comments on “Sneak peak of the AI-deck

    • Hi! We have launched production and we hope it will be ready for delivery in Q1 2020.

  • helo ,I am interested about this AI-deck, Does the Chinese have any channels to buy this board? Via SeeedStudio? and when can I get it,thanks~

    • Hi!

      The AI-deck will be available in China via Seeed Studio.
      We are working on finalizing the product to make it easier to use, and when that is done we will start to sell it in all our channels.
      We don’t have a date, but we are doing our best.

  • Hello! I am also interested in experimenting with the AI deck. Sounds cool! Any idea of when it might become available? (I’m sure that the current climate is impacting production)

  • Hi!

    I am eager to try the AI Deck! Sounds like it will be fun to experiment with. Any idea when it might become available?

    I thought I had commented earlier but I may have deleted the comment on accident.


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