You may have noticed that the HQ propellers, which are a part of the thrust upgrade bundle, have been out of stock for quite some time now. I know that many of you are relying on those propellers for the additional 20 grams of thrust they allow, so I have some news – some good, some bad.

Let’s start with the bad news: our partner and manufacturer, unfortunately, faced some problems with the mold they were using for these propellers- we prepared to face the fact that having our thrust propellers as they were before was not possible anymore. With the mold in this state, we could never go back to the same version of those propellers. To be a little dramatic, the high-quality propellers have taken their final spin. We knew it could take some time to find a good solution, and were prepared to communicate about a long-time shortage of the item.

But now for the good news! Thankfully, the replacement mold our partner used proved to be as good as the previous one – and faster than scheduled. Now back in stock, the HQ propeller can fly as well as its predecessor. We tested it and it showed the same characteristics that we’ve come to expect from the thrust upgrade.

Picture of 4 new HQ ultralight propellers -from a 45 degrees angle

So, what’s the real difference? Well, since it maintains the same level of performance, agility, and stability, not much. They have an updated design and have an added “ultralight” in the name (which sounds cooler, doesn’t it?). Those of you with a keen sense of observation will also notice that they have a new SKU – as well as the thrust upgrade bundle.

All in all, this change will have minimal impact on your flying if you’re used to the thrust upgrade bundle. Don’t hesitate to try out this new version and give us some feedback if you have any!