Back from vacation

Starting this week we’re all back at our desks and after getting some time off, recharging our batteries, we’re slowly getting up to speed again. The summer has been spent on everything from improving our server environment to cleaning up both the firmware and the client. We’ve also been working on some new things, like the iOS bootloader and prototyping new decks for the Crazyflie 2.0.

Now it’s full speed ahead into an exiting fall with lots of things happening!

As a side note we are going to Maker Faire Berlin the 3&4th of October and we are planing to do a Bitcraze meet-up in Berlin while we are there. We started a thread in the forum to talk about it.

Big Quad Deck
Today we received the revised big-quad-deck PCBs. We made the connectors fit a bit better, and fixed the deck port connectors being mirrored,  and it is starting to look quite good. Next up is to implement the firmware functionality, which is the biggest work. If you have any ideas or suggestions on the design please let us know!

Big-quad-deck v2

Big-quad-deck v2 mounted


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