The Crazyflie project started as a competence project in a Swedish consulting company called Epsilon (now called ÅF). The first blog, Daedalus projects, was the competence-group blog. When crazyflie became more than yet another competence project we created our own website but Epsilon/ÅF graciously allowed us to still use the same server. We thank Epsilon/ÅF for the support but we thought it was time to be independent.

Since this week-end all the Bicraze public services run on our own server, the wiki and blog where the last pieces to move. There should be no noticeable difference except than we seems to have slightly more power now. We also are able to ramp up the server power in minutes if we ever get on Slashdot ;-).

Tell us if you see any problem or if the website suddenly became slow. Next step will be to improve the website front-page to make it more informative.

Last year we quickly hacked together a client for Android to show that it was technically possible to use the Crazyflie/Crazyradio on the platform. It worked, but it wasn’t very good. After that not much has happened, until now. Thanks to contributions being made by fredg02, Sebastian Sams and bug tickets from Sascha Heymann, the hackish prototype we did is now turning into something that is actually usable. It’s still under heavy development but there’s already some new features. Here’s a quick run-down of what’s been added:

  • An external controller can be used instead of on-screen thumb sticks
  • You can scan for Crazyflies
  • The same flight control settings that are in the cfclient are now available (i.e advanced mode, X-mode, max roll/pitch/yaw and thrust)

So the Android client works with phones and tables that support USB host or OTG. Anything else? Well, there just happens to be an Android platform that even comes shipped with an external controller…the Ouya! So if you have an Ouya and a Crazyflie you can just side-load and you are ready to go! Since we are used to the PS3 gamepad we had some issues getting used to the Ouya controller. If you have the same issue you can pair your PS3 controller with your Ouya and use it instead!

Once the software becomes more stable an APK will be released, but until then the repository with the code and issue tracker can be found here.


In order for users to be able to pilot the Crazyflie from platforms without a graphical user interface there’s now a headless client in the repository named cfheadless. It’s intended to be run the command-line and is still under development, but working.

The main reason it was made in the first place was to enable flying from the Raspberry Pi. The QT interface was very sluggish and it required all the QT dependencies to be installed. So the cfheadless client doesn’t depend on QT and doesn’t have a graphical user interface at all. For users to quickly get something working with the Raspberry Pi we prepared a pre-configured SD-card image that is based on the Raspian Wheezy. We didn’t remove anything from the image, we just added the things needed to fly the Crazyflie. It works out of the box with the Crazyradio and a PS3 controller. In order to switch to anther controller you will have to connect to the Pi and edit the configuration.

To use the image you have to edit the configuration if needed and then just connect your controller, power on the Crazyflie and lastly connect the Crazyradio. The cfheadless client will now automatically start and connect to the Crazyflie.

The image can be downloaded using this torrent or via direct download. The torrent is preferred since the direct download is limited to 6 simultaneous downloads. For more information on how to use the image have a look at the wiki page and if there’s any issues or suggestions drop by the project tracker at Bitbucker and add them. If you already have a Raspian image downloaded and running and you want to be able to use it with the Crazyflie then have a look at how we made the image or the hacks page with the original instructions.

Crazyflie and Raspberry Pi

The Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter kits, the Crazyradio and all of the spare parts are now back in stock at Seeedstudio. Like we mentioned before there’s been some changes since the last batch. We have added the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit and Crazyradio as separate products and updated the design of the motor mounts to better protect the motors. All the new kits include the new motors mounts as well as replaces the old motor mounts as spare parts.

Since we made the Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kits available during the spring we have gotten a lot of requests from other distributors to be able to sell it locally. So now we have made all our products available in the Seeedstudio distributor warehouse. If you are interested in retailing the products have a look at the Seeestudio distributor page or if you already have an account just log into the warehouse and you can find our products in the Robotics/Crazyflie category.


Crazyflie bundle

Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit bundle with Crazyradio
Image ©Johan Jeppsson




So finally it’s getting warm and sunny outside (even in Sweden…) and it’s time to go out side and enjoy it while it’s lasts! This doesn’t only include flying the Crazyflie but also spending some time with our families and going on vacation. We have tried to plan everything so at least one of us is available to answer questions that might come up, accept pull-requests etc, but still it might take a bit more time than usual. And of course there will still be the Monday post!

If you happen to have some spare time during the summer and want a challenge, then have a look at the Crazyflie box… Have a great summer everyone!

Thanks to some of the motor mount feedback we have now managed to improve the motor mount a bit. It now has a longer extruded cylinder and a larger stop to prevent the motor form popping out when landing hard. This should add a bit more protection but it is still a good idea to do one of the mods described in the wiki for even better protection, especially when expecting to do some hard crashes.

Motor mount v2

Motor mount v2

The improved motor mounts will be available in the next batch of kits, which is still scheduled to be ready in the end of June, and also as a separate spare part item. For the next batch the Crazyflie kit without the Crazyradio and antenna will also be available for ordering.

On another note we are planning on modifying our webpage a bit. We feel that when new people visit our webpage they get no overview of our projects. So we are planning a nicer landing page with some images and more general information. We will of course keep the blog and also keep updating it at least every Monday. Aside from this we are also planning on integrating the forum and wiki with the blog and also have the same theme. After doing a quick test with the forum we are pretty sure our green/black theme will look good, but we aren’t that convinced about the wiki…. Let’s see where we end up. If you have any suggestions or comments about the webpage and our plans then  don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

Lastly we have also installed TapaTalk on our forum. So if you use the TapaTalk app you can find our forum in the directory by searching for Bitcraze.

There’s an updated version of the Bitcraze virtual machine out. The VM has all the pre-requisites for using the Crazyflie/Crazyradio and also the full development environment for our projects. Here’s a list of the improvements from version 0.2:

  • Upgraded version to of Xubuntu to 13.04
  • Improved README and instructions inside VM
  • Updated to the latest version of repositories
  • Added script for updating all the project repositories
  • Added pre-configured JTAG debugging for Eclipse using BusBlaster
  • Added KiCad and the Crazyradio design files

More information on the Bitcraze VM can be found here and it can be downloaded from this link. If you don’t want to download our virtual machine but instead make your own then have a look at this guide on the wiki.  It details how to get Xubuntu running in VirtualBox with all the pre-requisites for the development environment.

We have finished cleaning up the Crazyradio design files and they are now added to a Bitbucket repo. The project includes a cache file with all the components from our library that we have used. Once we are finished with cleaning up the component library it will also be uploaded.

It’s been yet another week with lot’s of ideas, contributions and discussions. Here’s some of the things we’ve seen the last week:

And of course thanks to everyone that keeps updating the wiki and helping out in the forums!

It’s been another busy week at Bitcraze. Unfortunately we are lagging a bit behind on pull-requests and such, but we are doing our best to catch up. Also development taking place in the forum has accelerated and we will try to summarize some of it next week.

The planning for the next batch is finished and it’s now going into production. Expected to be ready in the end of June. For this batch we have modified the motor-mounts to add some space at the bottom and also increased the size of the “stopper” at the bottom of the mount to keep the motor from popping out.

From now, as been requested, we will also start offer the parts of the kit separately: The Crazyflie 6/10-DOF, the Crazyradio and the antenna. Aside from this we will still be offering the previous kits and all the spare parts.

A new source version of the Crazyflie PC client has been uploaded to the Bitbucket page. Since this new version mostly fixes critical bugs related to mac, there’s no new version for the Windows installer.

For the next version of the windows installer we are looking at packaging and installing Crazyradio driver with the client. We are also looking at making Ubuntu packages accessible in a PPA as well as Fedora/OpenSuse packages. This would simplify the Client installation on Linux. ArchLinux already have a package in AUR  courtesy of Gergely Imreh.

Development is starting to accelerate and we are really having a hard time catching up on pull-requests and forum activity.  It’s like an avalanche, once it is started, it is impossible to stop :-).  We are also doing our best on the support side and we want to send out a big thank you to all the users that help out with all the support as well. Just to name a few: foosel, alex, skube, TheFrog4u, DesTinY, atimicdog, etc. The list will be too long to list all but you know who you are, many thanks!

We will soon be releasing a new cf-client that will close some bugs and especially the OSX bug which could make your Crazyflie go full throttle if the controller is accidentally disconnected during flight.

Our to do list is currently huge but this is a subset of what’s on the list right now.

  • Implementing GUI in the cf-client  for updating the Crazyradio.
  • Updating the wiki and especially the trouble shooting page.
  • Fixing bugs
  • Implementing brushless controller driver.
  • Support
  • Accepting pull-requests
  • Administration
  • Cleaning up in the forum
  • Planing JavaForum presentation
  • Crazyradio PPM input

As you can imagine we have our free time pretty much planned out :-).